Zucchini Food Decorations

 Zucchini (or Cucumber) Asters

 You can use  zucchini  (or cucumbers) asters to decorate  vegetable salads, meat and fish dishes. This garnish is a modest and very gentle food decoration on your table.

1. Select fresh zucchini (or cucumbers) with small amounts of seeds. Cut them in half lengthwise. Then cut the tips of zucchini at an angle.

2. In order to prepare decorative asters, cucumbers or zucchini should be cut very thinly. Use a Japanese kitchen knife or other sharp knife with a thin blade. You will need very thin lengthwise slices.

3. Using the sharp knife, make equally spaced cuts from one side of cucumber or zucchini slices. (not completely). Try to make cuts the same length. See  photo.

4. Roll a slice of cucumber or zuccini into a tube and secure with a toothpick. Stand the slice (vertically) and manually open the petals. If the slice breaks during folding, it means it is too thick. In this case, it should be dipped in boiling water and then in cold water.

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Cucumber Aster .