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  Carrot Food Decorations

 Carrot Curly Strips

Carrot  food decoration / carrot garnish

With carrot curly strips you can beautifully decorate salads, carrot baked pudding, vegetable and meat dishes.

Step by step carrot garnishing / food decorating

1. Peel carrot and cut off the tips. Using vegetable peeler, cut strips as shown.

food decorating / carrot garnishing

2. Roll the carrot strips and put them in a mould for ice cubes or in a pill box organizer. Fill rolled strips with water and place in refrigerator for several hours or overnight. Then thaw, drain and dry the strips.



carrot garnish / food decoration
Carrot strips
Bunches of carrots

  Carrot Bunches

Carrot bunches make a simple yet elegant garnish. Serve them hot with hot vegetable dishes or cold with salads or other snacks.

Step by step  carrot garnishing / food decorating
food decorating with carrot
food decorating / carrot garnishing
Vegetable decorating / carrot garnishing
Garnishing / vegetable decorating with onion
Garnishing with carrot / food decorating
Carrot garnish / vegetable decoration

1. Cut washed and cleaned carrots into equal  pieces (about the length of a finger).

2. Cut these pieces into lengthwise slices. 

3. Put 3-4 slices on top  of each other and cut into straws.

4. The color will be brighter, if you sink the straws into boiling water for 30 sec.

5. Pour boiling water over green onions to make them softer. Drain and rinse with cold water, cut into thin strips.

6. Take a bunch of carrots straws and tie into a bundle with a strip of green onion.

7.  By proceeding in the same way, other vegetables can be similiarly presented.

Food decoration / Carrot garnish

  Carrot Cactuses

You can use this food decoration as a garnish for salads, meat and vegetable dishes, and carrot pudding.

Garnishing with carrot / food decorating

1. Peel a carrot. Cut it in half if it is too long. Put the carrot in a pot of boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water.

Vegetable decorating / carrot garnishing

2. Using a grooved tool, cut longitudinal grooves into the entire length of the carrot.

Vegetable garnishing  with carrot

3. Sharpen one end like a pencil. 

Step by step carrot decorating

4. Take a small sharp knife and holding the sharp end of carrot up, thinly cut a spiral layer of pulp. See photo.

Carrot decorating / vegetable garnishing
Carrot garnishing step by step
carrot garnish / food decoration

5. After 3 turns. cut the layer off and start a new spiral. 

6. Expand the spirals so that they look like  3 flowers. Put the spirals in water before serving, so they do not dry up.

Individual flowers can be arranged in different ways.

Vegetable garnish / food decoration from carrot
Carrot Butterflies

Carrot Butterflies

Vegetable decorations / carrot

Use carrot butterflies to decorate salads, carrot pudding and meat dishes.

Vegetable decorating /carrot

1. Using a knife or  grooving tool, make grooves along the lenth of a washed carrot.  See  photo.

vegetable decorating /garnishing with carrot

2. Make a thin cut near the end of the carrot, but not completely through, with a very sharp knife.

Vegetable garnishing / carrot

3. Make a second cut through the carrot. See photo.

Vegetable garnishing /carrot

4. You should  get a thin double slice of carrot as shown in the photo.

5. To make a "moustaches" for  your carrot decoration, lay the butterfly as shown and cut a thin strip of carrot not to the end. Make another cut beside (closer to the body) to the end. Make a small triangular cut on the both wings of  a "butterfly" to make your decoration more interesting.

6.  Thus, you have a carrot butterfly!

Similarly, you  can  make a  butterfly from other vegetables. Use your own imagination!

Vegetable decorations / carrot
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