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  Celery Food Decorations

Tassels of  Celery

food decoration from selery / vegetable garnish

This is a favorite food decoration for many salads, meat dishes and snaks.

vegetable decorating from celery / food decorating
food decorating  from celery / Vegetable dcorating
celery garnishing /  food decorating
Vegetable decoration  from selery/ vegetable  garnish
vegetable garnishing with celery /  vegetable decorating
vegetable decorations /celery garnish
food decoration from celery  / Vegetable Garnish
vegetable decoration / celery garnish

1. To make this garnish, separate celery stems from the base and rinse well. Cut into finger  length pieces. Using a sharp knife with a thin blade, make parallel longitudinal cuts, but not to the end.

2. Leave  about a quarter of the length untouched.

3. Dip the celery into ice water for a few hours or overnight to allow tassels to open up.

4. Arrange this garnish  with contrasting colors. Use your imagination.

5. You can also make double-sided celery tassels. To do this, make cuts on both sides of a piece of celery, leaving the middle intact.

6. Before serving, drain and dry the tassels. Add contrast by using, for example, strips of red peppers or carrots.

7. Similarly, you can proceed with the tip of celery to get a more unusual food decoration.

8. Show imagination and design your own masterpiece.

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