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Radish Food Decorations

Radish Flowers

Use radish  flowers as a garnish to decorate cold  snacks, meat and vegetable dishes, or use them as a self-starter.

 Radish  Rosette

Step by step radish decorating / food decorating

1. Select  round, unblemished radishes. Wash and cut the rootlets and scrape root hairs from the bottom. To make a rosette, cut the rootlet as shown . There should be a white circle at the top of the radish.


 step by step  garnishing with radish / food decorating

2. Hold the radish in one hand and a sharp knife in the other. Incise the skin with a thin layer in the form of petals, not cutting completely through.

Vegetable food decorating / radish

3. Petals should be evenly spaced from each other around the circumference of the radish. Dip the rosette in ice water and it will open. If many roses are needed, you will need a large container of ice water to provide enough space for them to open up.

Radish garnish / vegetable garnish from radish
Vegetable decorating with radish / food garnishing
Step by step radish garnishing / Vegetable garnishing
Radish decorating /  vegetable garnishing with radish

Radish Tulip

1. To make this beautiful garnish, proceed in the same way, but cut the rootlet higher. See photo.

Using a small sharp paring knife, cut 4-8 leaf shapes, into the red skin only, from the top almost down to the stalk.


2. Ease the red  '"petals" away with the knife point. Leave the lower end attached.


3. Drop the radishes into ice water and they will open up. It will take about an hour to begin to open.

Food decoration from radish
 radish food decoration / Vegetable decoration
food decoration from radish / vegetable decoration

4. If you release  every other petal, you will get  different variations.

Radish Chrysanthemum

1.  To make a radish chrysanthemum, proceed in the same way as for making chrysanthemum from turnip.

The only difference is that you do not need sticks.



Radish garnish / vegetable decoration
Food decoration from radish / vegetable garnish
Vegetable decoration / radish garnish

Radish Daisy

1. To make this delicate garnish, cut small radishes into slices and place in the form of a flower. The middle can be a circle made from carrot or lemon. The stem and leaves can be made from green onions or parsley stems.

2. This  food decoration looks good on the edge of the plate.

Make a lot of daisies and use as a border on a platter.

Radish Flowers

Red radish - creating  radish flower
cutting radish petals
radish slices
preparing radish petals
making radish flower
red radish flower - radish decoration/
Radish garnish / vegetable garnish from radish

1 To make  radish decorations, incise the skin with a thin layer in the form of petals, not cutting completly through. Proceed in the same way as  for the radish rosette.

2. Make other cut layers above the lower petals. See the photos.

3. Cut another radish into very thin circles. Better to use a smaller radish than used for  the first one.

4. To make the petals more stable, cut off the small segment from  each petal.

5. Insert radish petals into the cuts as shown. Begin with the lower petals and proseed to the top.

6. You will get a result as illustrated.

7. Arrange your radish decorations with greens.

Vegetable Garnish
Radish Daisy
Radish Crysanthemum
Radish garnish / Food Decorations

Black Radish Roses


To make a black radish roses, proceed in the same way as for making Turnip Roses. The only difference, you do not peel the black skin.

Black radish garnishing / Food decorations
Vegetable decorating / Radish garnishing
Vegetable Decorations / Black radish garnish
Black Radish Roses
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