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 Fruit Decoration - Apple Swan 

An apple swan makes a very beautiful food decoration! This wonderful garnish is suitable for any dessert and can also be used as a separate  apple dish. Follow the steps below and learn how to make apple decorations.

  Apple, fruit decorating. Apple

 1. To make  this garnish, choose a well rounded, blemish-free apple. Cut one third or one fourth  from the side of the apple to provide a stable base. This cut part of apple will be used to make the  head and neck.

 Apple step by step apple garnishing

2. Place the apple cut side down with the stem facing you. Cut off two sections as shown. These sections will be used to form the wings.

Garnishing  with apple / fruit decorating

3. To create the wings, start with the largest wedge cut. See photo.

Step by step apple garnishing / fruit decorating
Step by step apple garnishing.

4. Continue to cut progressively smaller apple wedges.

Apple garnishing / fruit garnishing

5.  Place the wedges together evenly giving a fanned out appearance. Repeat this procedure for both wings.

Food decorating with apple  / garnishing

6. Carve the head and neck. Cloves or apple seeds may be used to make eyes.

Apple swam. Fruit decoration. apple  decoration.

7. Attach the head and neck with a toothpick. Arrange your food decoration with decorative  elements and mint leaves.

This is beautiful apple decoration!

Bird of paradise
Apple swan, fruit decoration. Apple garnish

Apple Fruits Decorations

  Fruit Decoration -  Apple Bird of Paradise

 Made from apple, the "bird of paradise" makes a beautiful food decoration for your table. You can also use it as a garnish for any dessert. Learn how to make decoration from an apple.

Step by step  fruit garnishing / apple

1. Cut a sliсe from an apple just near the stem. Divide the sliсe into thirds.

The top slice with the most peel will be used for the head and neck; the middle slice for the tail;  and the bottom slice for the base.

Apple decorating /  fruit decorating

2. Form the neck and head as shown. Carve out the beak and eye from the peel. Also, you can use  the skin of an other contrasting colored fruit.

Fruit garnishing / food decorating

3.  From the middle slice of apple, carve out the tail piece. Make V-wedge cuts as shown to form the "feathers".

Apple decorating / Food decorating

4. To make the body of this garnish, cut the remaining piece of apple as shown. See photo.

The central part should be about one fourth of the apple.

Food decorating / Fruit garnishing with apple

5. Mount the central part on the base with a toothpick.

Apple garnishing / fruit decorating

6. The wings are formed by cutting the two remaining side pieces into equal slices. Overlap each slice as shown, exposing part of the flesh of each slice.

Apple Bird of Paradise.  Apple decoration, garnish / Fruit decoration

7. Attach the head and tail to the body with toothpicks. To enhance this garnish, use contrasting colors for the beak and eyes.  

Arrange your  fruit apple decoration with fruit pieces and mint leaves.

Apple garnish / Food decoration

Apple Decoration -  Shells

Apple shells are an interesting and simple fruit decoration.  Use them as a garnish for desserts or as a separate dessert.  Apple decoration - apple shells are elegant and attractive fruit decoration.

Fruit decorating  /food garnishing  with apple
Apple decorating. Apple garnishing.
Fruit decorating / Apple decorating
Apple decorating.  Apple garnishing.
 Aple decorations. Apple shells, apple garnish

1. Cut 1 inch slices from the sides of a fresh apple.

2. Cut each slice to the shape of a shell. See photo.

3. Use a sharp knife to carve V-wedge cuts on the flesh side of the shell. See photos.

Sprinkle apples on the flesh side with lemon juice.So that apple don't get darkened quickly.

4. Connect  both parts with toothpicks. See photo. Arrange apple decoration with your favorite fruits.

Apple shell with fruits, apple garnish / fruit decoration
Apple Shells, Apple garnish, garnish, fruit decoration
Apple shells
Apple Basket

Apple Decorations - Apple Baskets

 These very attractive apple decorations - apple baskets will command the attention of your guests! They are  great as a separate dessert and as a beautiful garnish.  You can use these apple decorations - baskets for serving  fruit salads, sweet jelly and fruits. 

Fruit decoration / Apple garnish

How to make apple baskets - use the same methods ( #1 and #2 )

as for making  lemon baskets.

Food decoration / Apple garnish
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