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  Cucumber Food  Decorations

Cucumber  Fans

Use cucumber fans as a garnish for vegetable salads, cold fish and meat dishes.

Food decorating, vegetable garnishing with  cucumber.
Vegetable decorating / cucumber garnishing
Cucumber food decoration. Vegetable garnish.
 Cucumber fan, vegetable garnish. Food decoration.
Cucumber food decoration. Step by step cucumber decorating.
Cucumber decorating / food decorating
Cucumber food  decoration. Cucumber fan.

1. Cut a 3 in. piece of cucumber in half lengthwise.

2. Lay the cucumber on a flat base, and with a sharp knife, cut thin paraller slices. Take care  to not  cut completely through.

3. Gently press the cucumber slices and expand  them so that  they "fan out".

4. Using your imagination, arrange the fan with contrasting colors. For example, you can use cranberries, slices of red radish or carrot slices.

5. Also, if  you  previously cut grooves on the cucumber, you will get  similar but more interesting fans. 

6. Below are examples of  how you can arrange cucumber fans as  food decorations.

Cucumber  decoration. Vegetable garnish. Cucumber
Cucumber garnish. Cucumber fan / vegetable decoration
Cucumber Fan
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