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  Papaya or Melon  Decorations

Melon or Papaya Grapes

Food decoration / garnish from melon

Use melon "grapes" as an original garnish for desserts or for a chesse platter. It can also be served as separate dessert.

Garnishing with melon / fruit decorating

1. Ripe melon can be used to make variety bunches of grapes. Cut the melon in half and scoop out the seeds. Using a small ball cutter, scoop out balls. Arrange them in shape of a grape bunch on a serving plate. Add mint leaves to the top. You can give a different shapes to the "grapes".



2.  In the same way you can make bunches of grapes from papaya or  watermelon.

Papaya garnish / food decoration
Food decoration / melon garnish
papaya flower

Papaya Roses

Papaya garnish / food decoration

  These bright papaya flowers will enhance any dessert ! You  can also use them as a separate dessert!

Food decorating / papaya
Food decorating / papaya
 Fruit garnish / papaya flower
Food decorations / papaya garnish

1. Select a small  papaya without defects. Wash, peel, and cut in half lengthwise. Remove the seeds. Lay the cut side down and with a sharp knife cut the papaya into thin slices.  See photo.

2.  Take one small slice and roll it up. This will be the central part of the flower. Place this bud skin side down. Place the remaining slices skin down, overlapping around the central bud. See photo.

3.  Using a spatula or knife with a wide blade, lift and lay the "flower" on a plate.

4. Arrange these bright roses with springs of mint.

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