Leek Food Decorations

Leek  Asters 

Leek asters make a wonderful  food decoration.  This attractive garnish is a beautiful addition to any dish.

Garnish from leeks / vegetable decorations

1.  Cut the leeks (trim) at the base, so that they are flat. Cut into pieces 3-4 cm in length from the base.

2. With a sharp knife make frequent longitudinal cuts, not reaching the base. See photos.

 Soak them in ice water for at least 5-6 hours in order to make them open up.

3. Tint this food decoration with natural dyes, staining them ( for example) in a solution of turmeric  or beet broth.  To enhance the garnish, you can also use contrasting color asters details. See photos.

Vegetable decorating / Food decorations
leek garnish / food decoration