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 Strawberry Food Decorations

Strawberry Baskets

 These very attractive strawberry baskets will command the attention of your guests! They are great as a separate dessert or as a beautiful garnish for  desserts.

Fruit garnishing / food decorating
Strawberry garnishing / Fruit decorating
Step by step garnishing with fruits / strawberry
Fruit decorating / strawberry garnishing
strawberry garnish /  food decoration
Fruit decoration /  Strawberry garnish

1. Choose  large fresh strawberries. With a small sharp knife make arched incisions - future basket's edge.

2. Cut off the top of strawberry.

3. Using a small sharp knife, remove the unnecessary  pulp from the edges of the basket.

4. Using a small spoon, empty the basket of unnecessary pulp. See photos. 

5. Fill the basket  with small pieces of fruit and decorate with mint leaves.

Fruit decoration / Strawberry garnish

Strawberry Roses

These  food decorations look great as a separate dessert or as a nice garnish and visual enhancement for any dessert dish.

 Strawberry garnishing / fruit decorating

1. Collect firm and fresh strawberries. Starting from the bottom of a berry, with a sharp knife, gently make incisions around the circumference of strawberry. Be careful not to cut completely through.

Fruit decorating / strawberry decorating

2. Start to incise the next row of "petals" from the position between the lower "petals" (as if staggered or chessboard order). See photos.


strawberry  garnish / food decoration

3. Incise the "petals" to the top. You will get a beautiful garnish for desserts.

Fruit decorations /  Strawberry garnish
Strawberry garnish / fruit decorating
Fruit  garnish / strawberry  food decoration
Strawberry roses
Strawberry garnish / food decoration
Strawberry flowers

Strawberry Flowers

This is an interesting dessert by itself or is an attractive garnish for any dessert dish.  

Strawberry garnishing / fruit  decorating

1. Make four equal cuts on a strawberry from top to bottom. 

Garnishing with strawberry / fruit decorating

2. Leave about half of centimeter uncut at the bottom.

Fruit decorating /strawberry garnishing

3. You will get four "petals" for your strawberry decoration.

Strawberry decorating / fruit decorating

4. Clean the middle of excessive flesh. See photo.

Strawberry decorations

5.  Fill the empty space with fruits of contrasting colors.

Be creative and you'll get an unique food decoration.


Strawberry decorations / fruit garnish

 This strawberry garnish needs no explanation.  It makes a simple, yet pretty, fruit decoration.

Food decorating / fruit  dessert
Strawberry leaves

Strawberry Leaves

 These are simple, delicate and easily  prepared fruit decorations for  desserts.

Food decorating / strawberry
Strawberry garnish / Food decorations

1. For this garnish, do not remove the leaves from strawberries. Select fresh and firm strawberries. Holding strawberry vertically, make a few cuts from the top down. Be carefull to not cut the strawberry completely through.

2. Softly squeeze the berries, so that slices move relative to each other. Make many of them and arrange them like a border on a wide dessert plate.

Fruit Garnish / Strawberry decorations
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