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  Kiwi  Fruit Decorations

Kiwi Fruit Flowers

Fruit decoration / kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit flowers are a beautiful garnish for any dessert.  You can also serve them as a separate dessert.

garnishing with kiwi fruit

1. Peel skin from kiwi fruit. From the top, with a sharp knife, cut a spiral strip of kiwi. Use the same technique as in the preparation of tomato roses.

Step by step fruit decorating / kiwi

2.  Try to make the kiwi strip even in thickness. Unroll the strip of kiwi fruit and roll it up from the stem end.

Food decorating / kiwi

3.  Using a spatula or knife with a wide blade, turn the kiwi flower over.



Food decoration / kiwi

4.  Cut another kiwi fruit in longitudinal slices and arrange the flowers. See photos.

5.  To enhance this fruit garnish, add small pieces of other fruits of contrasting colors. Use your own imagination and create a unique and beautiful garnish.

Fruit decoration / kiwi fruit
 kiwi fruit garnish

Fancy Kiwi Fruit

Fancy Kiwi fruit is an unusual and attractive food decoration. You can use it as a garnish for any dessert or as a separate dessert.

Fruit decorating / kiwi
Step by step garnishing / kiwi fruit
Fruit decorating / kiwi fruit
Food decoration / Kiwi Fruit / fruit garnish

1. Peel the skin off.

2. Put the kiwi fruit upright with the stem end down. See photo.

Cut the fruit into quarters from the top to three-quarter length down. Be carefull and do not cut completely through! Repeat the process, cutting the kiwi fruit again. You will get eight equal parts. See photo.

3. Expand the parts manually.


4. Place a scooping ball of other fruit of contrasting color in center of the kiwi. Place fruit  balls around the kiwi. See photo.

4. To enhance your beautiful garnish, add other slices of kiwi fruit around the fruit balls. See photo.

Fruit decoration / kiwi fruit
Fancy kiwi
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