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 Vegetable Food Decorations 

Varicolored Strips

Strips from vegetables / vegetable decorating

Varicolored strips, cut from vegetables and fruits, can perfectly decorate such dishes as fried rice, salads, and meat with curry. Citrus strips (from lemon, orange and grapefruit) not only decorate, but also give extra flavor for dessert dishes.

 garnishing with lemon
food decorating / fruit garnishing
vegetable garnishing with cucumber
food decorating / vegetable garnishing with onion
Vegetable garnishing / pepper decorating
Strips from vegetables / vegetable decorating

1. Using a sharp knife or grooving tool, cut grooves along the length of a lemon.

2. Cut grooves in a similar fashion for grapefruit and orange.

3. Cut grooves  along the length of a cucumber.

4. Cut green onions in half along of length of onions. They will curl themselves into beautiful curls. For better effect, they can be dipped in cold water. The colder the water, the more twisted the strips will become.

5. To make this garnish more attractive and noticeable, add some strips from red bell pepper.


6. White radish can be grated and mixed with other strips to achieve an additional contrasting effect for your food decoration.

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