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Lemon Food Decorations

Lemon Baskets

Lemon baskets are  a wonderful  garnish on your table. Use these food decorations for serving salads and desserts.

Step by step food decorating with lemon

First Method :


1. Cut off the top of a lemon. Remove all the flesh with a teaspoon.

Garnishing / food garnishing with lemon
Lemon garnishing / fruit decorating

2. To decorate the basket, using a small sharp knife, cut along the edge, making a wavy line.

 Instead a wavy line, you can make a jagged tooth line by cutting small triangles.

Food decoration /  Lemon garnish
Food garnishing / lemon garnishing

Second Method :


1. Make two vertical cuts 1-1.5 cm apart to the middle of a lemon. Then, starting from the top of the lemon, cut on both sides and remove the cut portions to form a basket. See photos.

Lemon garnishing / fruit decorating
food decorating / lemon garnishing

2. Cut the lemon pulp under the handle of the basket and clean out all the flesh with a small spoon. Decorate the basket, cutting around the edge a wavy line or small triangles.

Fruit decoration / Lemon garnish
Food decoration / Friut garnish

3. Similarly, you can make a basket from a grapefruit or orange.


Lemon garnish / food decorations
Grapefruit Basket
Food decoration /  Lemon garnish

Lemon Butterflies

Lemon  butterflies make an original and delicate garnish for desserts. You can also use them  to decorate cold fish dishes, laying them on the edges of a wide platter.

Fruit  decorating /  lemon garnishing

1.  To make this food decoration, select lemons with small amounts of seeds. With a very sharp knife, cut them into thin slices.

 Cut two wings out of a lemon slice. One larger and one smaller.

Garnishing with lemon / food decorating

2. The "butterfly" can be  made from two halves of lemon slices by placing them in a manner as shown.

Fruit decorations / Lemon garnish

3. Make mustaches for the garnish "butterfly" from strips of orange peel or red pepper.

Similarly, you can make this fruit decoration from limes and oranges.

Lemon garnish / Fruit decoration
Citrus carousel

Citrus Waves and Carousels

Food decorations / Citrus garnish

  Citrus waves and carousels  make a  very simple and beautiful garnish for desserts.

Step by step garnishing with lemon

1. Cut a lemon into slices 3 mm. thick. With the sharp end of the knife, cut each slice from the center to the edge.

food decorating with lemon

2. Then connect the two or three circles, inserting them one into another at the cut location.. See photo.

garnish from lemon / food decorations

3.You can also twist the circles to make a "wave" of citrus.  Make sure that skin is against skin and flesh against flesh. See photo.

Fruit decoration /  Lemon garnish

4. You can combine lemons, limes and oranges. Be creative and make your own unique  food decoration.

Food decoration / Citrus Garnish
 Citrus Garnish / Fruit decoration
Lemon garnish / Fruit decoration / Food decoration

Citrus Border

 Lemon borders on the edge of plates  make a  beautiful garnish for cold fish dishes and desserts.

Step by step lemon garnishing / fruit decorating
Lemon garnish

1. Using a sharp knife or grooving tool, cut grooves along the length of a lemon. Then cut lemon in the  middle lengthwise into two equal parts. Cut lemon halves crosswise into slices of equal thickness.

2. Lay out lemon slices on the edge of plate.

You can combine yellow lemons and green limes to get more interesting variation in your food decoration.

Lemon garnish / fruit decoration
Lemon Border
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