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Orange Food Decorations

Orange Flowers

Food decoration / Orange Garnish

Use orange flowers when serving oranges by themselves as fruits.  These bright and beautiful fruit decorations will enhance any dessert.

Fruit decorating / Food decorating with orange

1. Cut the orange crosswise into two halfs. One part can be larger than the other. Use the larger half to make the orange decoration.

Orange decorating / Food decorating with orange
Orange decorating / Food decorating

2. Cut half orange into 8 equal parts. Cut from the center of the slice through the skin down to the middle of the orange.

Fruit decorating /  orange decorating

3. Starting in the middle between cuts, holding the knife at an angle, make a cut as shown on the photo.

Fruit decorating / Food decorating with orange

4. Make another cut at the same angle on the other side. See photos.

Fruit garnishing / orange decorating

5. Continue to make incisions and remove the small wedges of orange. See photos.

Orange garnishing
Fruit decorating / fruit garnishing with orange

6. With the end of a small sharp knife, peel the skin from the flesh of the orange.

Manually fold the skin from the pulp. Arrange your orange decoration with green leaves.

Orange food decoration / Orange garnish
Orange decorations / fruit decorations

Orange Wings

Orange wings can enhance any dessert. Also, this fruit decoration can be served with a plate of cheese, chicken or goose pate.

Fruit garnishing / food decorating with orange

1. Cut the orange in half and place cut side down on a cutting board. Make a small cut-out on both sides in the middle of the orange. Remove the formed wedge. See photo.

Fruit garnishing / orange

 2. Keep making these cutouts and remove the formed wedges until  the last two "wings" have been cut.

Fruit  garnishing / food decorating with orange
Fruit decorating / orange / food decorating
Orange decorations / Orange garnish

3. Return the half orange to its original shape as shown, exposing part of the flesh of each orange wedge.

4. Arrange this bright fruit garnish with greens. Use imagination and create a unique food decoration.

Orange wedges
Orange decorations / Orange garnish
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