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  Cucumber Food Decorations

Cucumber Curls

With cucumber curls you can decorate salads, meat and fish dishes.

Garnish from  cucumber / vegetable decorating.
Step by step vegetable decorating / cucumber  garnishing

1. Select fresh cucumbers with small amounts of seeds. Cut them in half lengthwise. Then cut the tips of cucumbers at an angle.

Step by step vegetable garnishing with cucumber

2. Using the same angle, cut (not completely!) 7 or 9 very thin slices.

Vegetable decorating from cucumber or zucchini

3. Bend every second slice inside, leaving the in-between slice straight.


Step y step cucumber garnishing
 step  by step vegetable decorating / cucumber garnishing
food decoration  ideas / cucumber garnish
 Cucumber decorating / food decorating

4. Also, if  you  previously cut grooves on the cucumber, you will get similar, but more interesting curls. (When cutting the grooves, use a sharp paring knife or grooving tool.)

Food decorations / Cucumber garnish

5. Add contrast, by using, for example, strips of red pepper, carrot or tomato.

Cucumber boat

Cucumber Boats

Cucumber boats are a very well suited garnish for decorating hot and cold seafood dishes and  independent cold appetizers.

Food decorating with cucumber. Vegetable decorations.
Step by step cucumber decorating
Food  decorating  with cucumber. Cucumber  garnishing.
Food decoration /vegetable  garnish

1. Select small, young cucumbers. Trim off the ends and cut cucumbers into small pieces, apprpximately 1.5-2 in. Cut each piece in half lenthwise.

2. Make a thin slice parallel to the central longitudional piece to within about a quarter of the length of the piece. (see photo).

3. Make a cavity in the cucumber by removing part of the flesh and seeds.

4.  Put in the cavity red or black caviar and fold back the slice. This slice will be the boat's sail. Secure  the slice (sail) with a decorative coctail stick or toothpick. Instead of caviar, you can use a different  appropriate stuffing. For example, shrimp salad,  shrimp paste, or tuna salad.

This food decoration will gladen the eyes and taste!


  Cucumber Cactuses

With  this garnish ( cactus flowers), you can decorate salads, meat and fish dishes. The same technique is

used as in making cactuses from   carrots

Food decorating /cucumber
Cucumber garnishing / food decorating
Garnishing with cucumber/ food decorating
Vegetable /cucumber garnish
Cucumber garnish / food decoration

1. Using a grooved tool, make grooves along the entire length of the cucumber.

2. Sharpen one end of the cucumber with a knife like a pencil. Using a small sharp knife and holding the sharp end of cucumber up, thinly cut the  layer of pulp. Try to retain underneath the cutting layer  the sharpened end of the cucumber.

3. Repeat this cutting for as many flowers as you need.

4. To make this food decoration more attractive, arrange cactuses with orange or lemon strips.


Vegetable decoration. Cucumber flowers.
Cucumber cactuses
Cucumber garnish / food decoration
 Cucumber Garnish / food decorations
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