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Tomato Food Decorations

Tomato Roses

 Tomato rose. Vegetable decoration from tomato / vegetable garnish

Tomato roses are an amazing food decoration for appetizers, salads, fish and vegetable dishes.

step y step food decorating with tomato /vegetable decorating

1. Select firm and ripe tomatoes.  Using a small knife, start from the top of the tomato (non stalk) and slice a continuous, circular and thin strip of skin around the tomato.

how to make a tomato rose / vegetable decorating

2. Try to make the strip even in thickness. When done, you will have a spiral tomato strip.

vegetable decorating  with tomato / food garnishing

3. Unroll the strip of tomato skin in a flat spiral and with the  flesh down on your work surface. Use the stem end of the strip to form the center of the rose, and carefully roll up the tomato skin. See photo.

 tomato decorating / step by step garnishing with tomato

4. Use the beginning of the strip as the basis for the rose.

 Tomato rose, tomato garnish.

5. Using a spatula or knife with a wide blade, turn  the rose over.                                                   Arrange the rose with greens.

  You will  have a charming food decoration and garnish for many dishes.

 Tomato red rose. Food decoration / tomato garnish
Vegetable  tomato garnish / food decoration from tomato
Sunflower tomato

Tomato Sunflowers

Tomato sunflowers are beautiful food decorations. Use them as a garnish for cold meats, salads, pates and especially  for oriental dishes.


food decorating with tomato / vegetable garnishing

1.  To make this attractive garnish, select firm and ripe tomatoes. Without cutting into the tomato, score the skin into quarters from the top to two-thirds down.


tomato decorating / food garnishing

2. Repeat the process, dividing each quarter in half.  You will get 8 equal parts - "petals".

vegetable decorating  with tomato

3. Using a sharp paring knife, peel back each "petal".

Vegetable decorating / tomato garnishing

4. Carefully cut between the tomato skin and the flesh to about half the height of the tomato.

 Tomato flower, garnish / vegetable decoration

5. Arrange the middle of the flower with chopped greens or onions. Be creative and use your own ideas. This wonderful garnish will be very noticeable on your table. 


Tomato  flower. Garnish / food decoration from tomato
 Tomato decorations / Tomato sunflower, garnish
Vegetable garnish, tomato sunflower / Tomato decorations
Vegetable, tomato  decorations / Banquet garnish
tomato garnish /  vegetable decoration
Tomato sunflower, vegetable  decorations / Vegetable garnish
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