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  Onion Food Decorations

Onion Water Lilies

Onion water lilies are a great garnish and a very beautiful food decoration. They are most appropriate for oriental dishes.

Vegetable decorating  with onion / food decorating

1. Choose a medium size onion, wash and rinse. Make circular jagged incisions around the middle of the onion. Try to cut deep to the center of the onion.

Step by st vegetable decorating with onion

2. Carefully separate the two halves from each other, pulling them apart. 

Vegetable decorating / onion garnishing

3. Carefully disassemble the onion layers one from another.

 onion decorating / vegetable garnishing

4. To make the garnish more attractive, you can combine two or more layers of the onion.

Vegetable decorations from onion / vegetable garnish

5. Decorate the middle of onion.

Food decoration / onion garnish

Demonstrate your own imagination and create your  unique decoration.

Food decoration / Onion garnish

 To enhance the beauty of the garnish, the onion flowers can be painted with natural dyes. The photo shows the onion lilies painted with a beet broth.

Vegetable decoration / Onion garnish

You can combine painted and unpainted onion layers to get a pleasing contrast for your table decoration.

Onion food decoration / vegetable garnish
Vegetable decoration / onion garnish
vegetable decorations  / onion garnish
Food decorating / Vegetable decoration

The same technic as onion flowers above, only petals are rounded. Painted in turmeric.

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The same technic as onion flowers, only petals are more pointed. Painted with carrot juice.

onion lotus
Food decoration from onion / vegetable garnish

Onion Lotuses

Vegetable decoration / onion garnish

Onion lotuses are a great garnish and make beautiful food decorations. They are most appropriate for oriental dishes.

Vegetable decorating / onion garnishing

1. Choose a medium size onion. Clean it and make shallow cuts around the circumference of the onion. See photo. The incisions have to be above the middle of onion, closer to the top.

 step by step vegetable decorating with onion

2. Remove the top part of the pre-cut part of the onion as shown on the photo.

 onion food decorating / vegetable garnishing

3. Using a small knife, cut deeper layers in the onion as shown on  photo. Then make cuts on the surface of the onion to get future " lotus petals." 

vegetable decorating / onion garnishing

4. To tint the petals, dip the onion  in a staining solution.To make  food decoration more interesting,  tint the onion partially rather than fully. See photo. Stick the onion on a wooden stick or  knitting needle and dip it partually  in a natural food paint solution.

onion garnish / vegetable decoration

5. Here  the onion lotus is tinted  with turmeric.

Onion garnish / Lotus / Food decoration

6. Here  the onion lotus is tinted  with  Hibiscus tea.

Vegetable decoration / onion garnish

7. By varying the height and width of petals and the intensity of the dye, you can get varried and beautiful  decorations for your table.

vegetable decoration / Food decoration
Onion Aster

Onion Asters

Onion asters are a great garnish and make beautiful food decorations. They are most appropriate for oriental dishes.

1. To make this vegetable decoration, you need to use an onion slicer. Choose a medium size onion. Cut the top of onion of as shown.

2. Put  the onion slicer on the top of onion and press down through the end.

Food decorating

3. Remove the core of onion. You can also remove outer excessive patels to make your food decoration smaller.

Onion garnish /food decoration

4. To tint the petals, dip the onion  in a staining solution. Decorate the center of onion flower with contrasting color pieces of other vegetables.

Onion decoration / Food decoration

5. By varying the height of the onion and the color of staining solution,  you can get varried and beautiful  decorations for your table.

Food decorating / Vegetable decorating
Onion decoration / Food decoration
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