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Pepper Flowers

Peppers asters and poppies make a  beautiful and noticeable garnish. Use these food decorations with  meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

Red pepper garnishing

1. Cut the bottom off a bell pepper, living the seeds inside. See photo.

vegetable decorating / garnishing  with pepper

2. Make frequent cuts circumferentially not quite up to the seeds.

Your beautiful garnish is almost ready!

Food decoration / Pepper garnish

3. Arrange the pepper asters with green leaves. 

Vegetable decoration / bell pepper garnish

4. Cut  round pettals to get a different kinds of flowers - pepper poppies. Use your own imagination and create a unique food decoration!

Food decorating , Pepper decorating
mini pepper

 Pepper Food Decorations

Vegetable Decoration / Pepper garnish

 Mini Pepper Flowers

Mini pepper garnish / food decoration

Mini pepper flowers decorate and brighten food dishes.  Use this garnish for salads, meat, fish and vegetable dishes. 

Mini peppers garnish / vegetable decoration
vegetable decorations / mini ppepper garnish

To make these flowers, use the same technique as for pepper flowers above.

Arrange your garnish with green leaves.

Food decoration / Mini pepper garnish
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