Banana Fruit Decorations

Banana Gondola

Banana gondola is a very interesting food decoration. You can use it as an independent dessert or as an attractive garnish for any dessert.

1. Holding a banana as shown on the photo, make a skin cut parallel to the base. Do not cut to the end. See photo.

2. To prevent darkening of banana on cut edges, brush the edges with lemon juice.

Fold back the undercut skin of banana and secure with decorative skewer. Empty pulp from the banana  and fill with other fruit pieces.

Remember to use contrasting colors to make your garnish more interesting!

Banana Flowers

Banana flowers make unusual and attractive  fruit decorations. Use this fruit garnish to enhance any dessert.

1. Peel banana from the skin and sharpen the end like a pencil.

2. Take a small sharp knife and holding the sharp  end of banana up, cut a spiral layer of pulp. This technique is the same as in the preparation of the cactuses from carrots.

3. To prevent darkening of banana flowers, dip the future flowers in a solution of lemon juice.

4. Dry the banana flowers on a paper napkin or on a clean cotton cloth.

5. For sprigs, you can use lemon or orange zest. For the flowers core, use other fruits with contrasting colors.

Use your imagination and create unusual and tasty food decorations.

Food decoration / Banana  garnish
Garnishing with banana / food decoration