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Starfruit (carambola) Food Decorations

Starfruit  Flowers

Starfruit (or carambola) has a unique shape that makes it a natural  fruit decoration! Flowers made from carambola look great on the edge of the plate. You can use this garnish with cold meats, pates and any dessert.

Step by step garnishing with starfruit

1.  Select a fruit which does not have many blemishes. Finely pare down the points of the star to remove discolored or rough skin.

Fruit garnishing / starfruit
Garnishing with starfruit / food decorating
Fruit garnish / starfruit decoration
Fruit decoration / Starfruit

2. Slice the fruit about 1/5 in.(5mm) thick.

3. Form the star fruit slices into a flower, using mint stem and leaves.

 Use the sliced star fruit on its own or with another fruit such as kiwi. Show your own imagination and create a beautiful garnish or dessert.

Fruit decoration / starfruit garnish
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