Banquet Dishes

Herein are examples of food presentations I have prepared.
Eggplant fried paste (caviar) Snack, appetizer
Food presentation / Banquet dish
Christmas Salad /  Banquet Dishes
Cheese baskets with grape and sesame
Food Decorating / Food presentation
Food Decorating /Vegetable Salad
Food presentation / Banquet dish
Food Presentations / Carrot salad
food prewsentation/food decorating/ banquet
Banquet dish / Food decorating
Food decorating / Food presentation
Food presentation / Banquet dish
Food presentation / salad
Food presentation
Food decorating / food presentation
Food decorating / Banquet dish
 Banquet dish / Food decorating
Food decorating / Banquet dish
Food Presentation / food decoration
Food presentation
Food presentation / mushroom salad
Food presentation/ potatoes
Fried Fish / Banquet dish
Vegetable soup/ Food Decorationg
Food decorating / banquet dish
Black and Red caviar presentation
Valentine's Day / food decoration
Food Decoration for Valentines's Day
Food decorating / food presentation
Food decorating / Banquet dishes
Food decorating / banquet  dishes
Food presentation / cheese
Food decorating  /Fish, spinach, green souce
Food decorating / Peppers / Food
seafood decorations / caviar shrimp presentations
Food presentations, seafood , clams
Banquet dishes /Food Decorating
Food decorating,  banquet dishes
 Cucumber Garnish / food decorations
Fruit presentation /melon basket
 Fruit presentation /watermelon
Food decorating / Dessert
Food Presentation /Watermelon with fruits
Food presentation / Jelly/ food decor
appetizer / Cheese and prune/ food decorating, food, food presentation, vegetable decoration, cheese presentation
Dessert / Fruits presentation
Figs presentation / Fruits decorations
Food Presentation / Watermelon
Food decorating /Dessert/ Fruits presentations
Food decorating / Fruits Decorating
Chocolate, pine nuts, fruits presentation
fruits decorating / Food presentations
Food decorating / fruits decorating
Food presentation /Food decorating
Fruit dessert, dessert presentation, pruns and nuts presenting, restaurant, food presentation
Banquet dishes /  Food decorating
Fruit presentation  food decorating
Food decorating / Dessert presentation
dessert, jelly, desert presentation,  food, milk and raspberry jelly
Dessert, waffle cone, fruits, jelly, food presentation, restaurant, fruit presentation
Pineapple dessert, fruit dessert, fruit presentation, pineapple, ананас, подача ананаса
Fruit salad, Fruit dessert, Fruit presentation, Food decorating, banquet dishes, dessert
Fruit presentation / Watermelon
Food Decorating / Dessert /Figs
Ice Cream in Chocolate, dessert, food presentation, food decorating, dessert presentation, ice cream presentation
Fruit Dessert, figs presentations, fruit decorating, dessert presentations, fresh figs, food decorating, restaurant dishes, dessert presentations
Pineapple Jelly, Food presentation, dessert, jelly presentation
Fresh figs dessert, fruit presentation, dessert presentations, banquet
Fresh figs dessert, fruit decorating, figs presentation, food decorating, artfood, figs, fruit dessert
Dessert, Ice Cream with Jelly,  Desser presentation, Ice cream presentation, Food decorating, Ice cream, Jelly presentation, Restaurant, Banquet
Mint Ice Cream with Jelly, Dessert, Dessert presentation, Jelly presentation, Food decorationg, food presentation, Ice cream presentation
Home made brownies, cake, cake with cherry, food decorating, dessert.
Spicy Eggplant